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by Mathew John (2020-02-04)

The best advice is always to listen to your Fibrolief Review medical doctor's opinion as no two cases are identical. All agree that avoiding any activity that will aggravate the tendon injured is a must during the week following the injury. Most cases do not require further treatment; however, if your symptoms do not improve after a week follow up with your medical doctor as another form of treatment may be necessary.The snake crossed my horse path, next thing I was flying in the air heating the ground real bad. The first thing I felt was a sharp pain in my left knee. It felt like my knee had been torn apart. I could not walk let alone ride my horse. I was really terrified that I will not be able to ride again. Naturally I turned to classic medical treatment to cure my sour knee but they failed to fix it. To cut a long story short I have manage eventually to find the cure by my self and I want to share it with you.The first thing I thought post the accident was: OK, I have a decent medical care insurance I will get my knee fixed in no time. I have scheduled a date for preliminary exploratory surgery. When I woke up my knee hearts even more, but the worst was still to come. My doctor told me that the damage to my knee is irreversible and that I will never be able to ride horses again. Moreover, I had to wear supporting device for the rest of my life.