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Ultra Manifestation

by Regina Fancy (2020-02-07)

The records are based on five principles, Ultra Manifestation Review earth, wind, water, air, and fire. The five principles can also stand for the five human senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. The point is that access to the akashic records as well as the recording itself is guided by the five principles.Akasha refers to a place found deep in a non-physical plane of existence, or in simpler more layman terms in a region of the cosmos where no physical being has been, or ever will be. The akashic plane is a depositary for each soul's journeying and experiences. In fact the data in these realms contains everything that ever has happened or could happen, including feelings and experiences. The akashic plane has been described, amongst other things, as the Cosmic Mind or Universal Mind.In essence, one can get access to this information via the subconscious mind, using meditation or dream techniques. The question of who can access the records has been asked many times and was originally believed to only be accessible to psychics or mystic authorities. Nevertheless, contrary to that belief the simple truth of the matter is anybody can access their own akashic records.People tend to bury thoughts deep inside their subconscious mind forgetting about their existence but with the help of various diverse techniques they can be accessed through hypnosis, during sleep or through deep meditation or awareness. The key to successfully accessing the material is to have a clear mind and be relaxed.