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Brain C-13

by Alisa Princy (2020-02-07)

There... I did say it would Brain C-13 Review seem a bit strange; however don't let this put you off. The creators of EFT say that it works by clearing emotional blockages in our energy system. This is unlikely as the energy system or Meridians have never been proven to exist so this theory is just that - a theory. The much more logical explanation is that it desensitises and alters the image that you run through your mind when you think about your phobia or an issue that is upsetting you. You see, each time we experience something like a phobia we run a picture trough our minds of what 'might happen'. It is this that makes us feel bad and not actually being in the situation as this is just a trigger for the phobic response. By running through this picture in your head, whilst doing things like humming, tapping and moving your eyes, this allows your mind to experience the image differently. It allows the image to morph, thus allowing you to feel differently about it. I have noticed that our present society tends to shy away from the discussion of mental health disorders. People begin to get visibly uncomfortable the moment somebody mentions anything about this issue. Folks will shuffle their feet or shift their eyes whenever this topic is being discussed. We are all afraid of things that we do not understand and most of us do not understand mental health disorders. According to statistics, people with mental health disorders are more common than we think. Almost one in every three individuals could be diagnosed with something because there are so many different types of disorders. Mental health disorders can be as harmless as someone needing to wash their hands more times per day than normal. There are also more serious disorders that cause people to see things that do not exist and hear voices that no one else hears. I think that it is incredibly sad that the general population is not more educated about this issue. There would be less fear and isolation if people were more educated about this topic. People will not be so embarrassed to come forward and seek help if this is the case.