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by Jerome Princy (2020-02-08)

This combination was first Lumaslim Review placed in practice on her business partner, who after losing (and maintaining) 100 pounds joined her company. These two women, single mothers of 5 boys understand the overwhelming challenges that women face managing family, home, work and (last, but not least) their own goals. This one is called knees up. Go around the house or the park and find yourself a flat bench. Sit on it with your body at a 45 degree angle to the bench grasping the bench. What you do next is extend your legs down the same angle as your body, then pull your knees back up to your chest using your ab strength. Hold there for a couple of seconds and then release back down keeping your abs tensed. Do this exercise in sets of 12 reps. As you get stronger at your abs increase the sets of reps until you cannot do anymore. The next so called exercise to get toned abs is ab crunches. Basically go find yourself a mat and lie on your back. Place your arms straight back over your head and have your legs at a 45 degree and from your body which is lying vertically. Next you are going to bring your shoulders off the ground and start bringing your arms forward. While doing this bring your legs and hips off the ground so that your arms and legs cross over. While doing this make sure that your abs are tensed all the way. Repeat the steps and do it until you cannot do anymore. Give yourself a little break and get straight back into it.To get toned abs you must take action steps and do the exercises. At the end of the day persistence and motivation is the key. Till then keep fit and stay healthy. If you are working hard to lose weight fast and safe, and researching better ways to do it, then you are probably not feeling very positive about your overall appearance. You may be tired of being out of breath after walking to the mailbox. Or depressed that none of your favorite clothes fit you anymore. There are also medical problems and dangerous conditions that you may be experiencing as part of your weight gain.