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by Jerome Princy (2020-02-09)

The only known ways of Fibrolief Review reducing that load are the use of a particular strapping or taping techniques known as low dye strapping (but this is only useful in the short term); the reduction of body weight (which may be difficult and may be a very long term strategy); the stretching of the calf muscles (which is almost always recommended); the reduction of time spent on the feet (for example reducing sports activity, the use of seating in employment, etc); the use of foot orthotics or supports (which is the most practical option, but not all types of foot orthotics have design features that reduce the load in the damaged structure); and surgical cutting of the plantar fascia (this will reduce the load in the plantar fascia, but it is certainly not recommended until all else has failed). All the other advocated treatments for plantar fasciitis do not reduce the load in the tissues and only help facilitate the healing process of the damage in the tissues. A lot of the treatments in this group are fads and come and go in popularity. These treatments include things such as cortisone injections, ultrasound, shock wave therapy, cryosurgery, dry needling, massage, etc. While these treatments will help, something needs to be in place to reduce the load in the tissue or there is a possibility of the treatment failing. The other possible reason for treatment failure is that the condition was not actually plantar fasciitis and was one of many other conditions that can cause pain under the heel. This past week, U.S. figure skater Evan Lysacek skated to an Olympic figure skating gold medal, the first Olympic gold medal in over 20 years for a U.S. male figure skater. Aside from the usual physical and emotional stress associated with such an important event, Lysacek was also dealing with an entirely different kind of stress...a stress fracture of his foot. As you can imagine, any type of foot injury can be devastating to an ice skater, particularly on as severe as a fracture. However, despite the injury, Lysacek was able to work around it and skated to an almost flawless performance to capture the gold! Stress fractures are small fractures that appear as tiny "cracks" and are sometimes difficult to detect on x-ray.