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Ultra Manifestation

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-09)

This is the idea that what Ultra Manifestation Review is covering it, the karmic content of past actions, is removed by the purifying action of the Shakti; and the true, underlying nature of Self is realized and recognized, as those clouds are burned off. This idea of SoHam is the essence of the Siddha path - that one's true nature is spontaneously present within you, and that its realization is one of the fruits of the spiritual activity of sadhana. The fruit of increasing involution of consciousness brings about understanding; and from understanding, realization; from realization, recognition. But it's an ever increasing, inward driving movement of consciousness. It's so subtle and so simple - it's a fruit in your hand. What is held so close is often overlooked. So there is the profound, downward diving force of the in-breath, driven by the force of apana, the content of which is the descent of the Ham vibration of Universal Consciousness, into the content of the creation, the body, speech and mind of the perceiver. The out-breath, the prana, the arising force, rises up, and the dynamic of what is created, merges back into the Ocean of Consciousness. This is constantly happening, it's always happening. It's happening one of two ways. It's either happening consciously or it's happening unconsciously. The Masters of Consciousness say, "It's happening, so make it conscious." They will never allow your consciousness to escape to some undefined place, let you off the hook of some kind of force of salvation. They say, "God rests within you, as you. You're as much God, as ever will be seen, ever has been seen; but right now, it's unconscious. Become conscious." When you dissect the breath, it becomes even more to the point, in that the idea of the descending breath moves on the downward flowing, male channel, and the ascending breath moves on the upward flowing female channel.