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Brilliance SF Skincare

by Alisa Princy (2020-02-10)

Always make sure you use Brilliance SF Skincare Review the best chemical-free anti aging products with high quality ingredients. You do not want chemicals in there causing damage and canceling out the beneficial effects of these cutting-edge ingredients. Your dreams of a spotless glowing skin can get perennially elusive with the occurrence of stretch marks on your body that leads to disfigurement of your skin robbing it off its natural sheen. Termed as striae in medical terminology, stretch marks are likely to occur when there is a sudden stretching of the skin owing to pregnancy, obesity or any other hormonal imbalances. As a result of this, the collagen enriched middle layer of the skin known as dermis gets damaged irreparably, with its repercussion in the form of stretch marks in the visible top layer of the skin-epidermis. But the question that all exasperated sufferers asks is how to get rid of stretch marks? A lot of medical treatments and therapies available in the market claim to prevent and eliminate the marks entirely. Medications can reduce the intensity of the stretch marks considerably with the scar slowly fading off with time. A lot of causes can be attributed to the causal factor of stretch marks. The most common of them all is pregnancy with statistics showing 70-80% new mothers-to-be suffering from pre-natal and post-natal scars in the abdomen area, hips, thighs, breasts, back portion and other parts of the body. It is important to note that ailment has nothing to do with age. A lot of teenagers who experience rapid body growth at the time of puberty, sudden expansion of muscle tissues in cases of athletes, people suffering from obesity or other weight-related issues etc can get afflicted with these marks. Being health conscious can also backfire sometimes with muscle tensions during bodybuilding or weightlifting being responsible for the indelible marks. Defying the skin stretching theory, some scientists also suggest that the expansion of the upper layers of skin are a result of shooting levels of glucocorticoids hormone secretion during all the situations like pregnancy, adolescence, obesity etc to which the body is susceptible to stretch marks. The hormone also restricts the formation of collagen leading to rupture of dermis. Certain medication or steroids can also be hold responsible for causing stretch marks due to anomalies in collagen formation.