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Power Efficiency Guide

by Regina Fancy (2020-02-11)

Negative aspects listed above are true. They Power Efficiency Guide Review just offer the downside of LASIK for patients' comprehensive consideration. They are not supposed to discourage those potential patients.Life is becoming a blur, both figuratively and literally. Rates of myopia, the difficulty seeing distant objects, are soaring. Researchers at the National Eye Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health, found that rates of myopia -- also called nearsightedness -- in people ages 12 to 54 increased from 25% in 1971-72 to 41.6% in 1999-2004. The study included people with a range of myopia, from mild to severe.The culprit here is the impact of technology. Primarily, this is due to all the time we now spend looking at the computer, video games, etc. Activities requiring long periods of close-up work, such as reading, may change the shape of the eye. Near work, in particular, causes the eye to grow somewhat longer; looking in the distance relaxes the eye.The other causative factor is the decreasing amount of time numerous people spend outdoors, which would then involve looking off into the distance. People today, especially children, are spending less and less time outside. Most children today grow up in front of computers rather than outdoors on baseball fields or out in the woods. Rather than tracking down moving objects such as balls, animals or even each other they're following the movements of a cursor only a foot or so from their eyes.