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Memory Hack

by Mathew John (2020-02-13)

My original intent with the therapy Memory Hack Review sessions was to lower my stress levels in order to achieve better physical health. As one therapy session led to another, and as more and more came out, she threw me a loop. She said that, through our discussions and my writings, she was picking up on some things that led her to believe I might be ADHD or Bipolar II. Next, she asked if I was willing to see a psychiatrist for an official diagnosis. I was taken by surprise, but I was willing to go, because I wanted to know. I always suspected I was a little ADD, but Bipolar II? I really did not know what that was at the time.During my first appointment with my psychiatrist, I filled out all the paperwork. After she read through everything, she asked me some very pointed questions about how my thought processes worked, along with how I handled certain work situations, social situations, and home situations, and then analyzed my responses.By the end of that session, she had diagnosed me with both disorders, Bipolar II and ADHD, and both at a fairly high level. I left with a wholehearted sense of shock. At age 42, how am I just now finding this out? What does it all mean? And most of all, what is next? This is how my life took a 180 degree turn on me. What began with my partner getting treatment for alcoholism ultimately led to my diagnoses of Bipolar II and ADHD, both of which I am still struggling with today, even though medications and continued psychotherapy sessions are beginning to help me manage my disorders.