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Lotto Annihilator

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-13)

The average bettors love Lotto Annihilator Review the most popular or favored teams. The bookmakers know this and purposely push lines unreasonably high. Almost every week, with the right research, you can spot teams that should maybe be favored, but are getting points against a popular team that has been installed as a favorite, due to public opinion and misconception. As I said above, underdogs usually don't get the right respect from the public, which often time leads to a higher than warranted spread. Likewise, a lot of underdogs don't get the respect they deserve from their opponent. The better teams will sometimes take the not-so-good teams too lightly. Researching historical trends of each matchup will often times reveal situations in which underdogs are poised to pull off the upset. Right in line with respect, is the fact that most bettors just can't muster up the courage to go with certain underdogs. They see what is perceived as a good team versus what is perceived as a bad team and assume it won't be a contest. They are wearing blinders and have formed a false opinion about how bad some teams are, based on a recent blowout or perhaps a past personal gambling loss. But with the right combination of statistical and situational research, some very undervalued dogs can be spotted each week. History shows us that if you just pick the straight up winners, you will cover the spread about 84% of the time! If you don't believe it, check last week's spreads and final scores. Armed with this knowledge, research the underdogs thoroughly and find the ones that are truly capable of winning straight up. Then, if you're going to bet anyway, consider taking them to win straight-up on the money line and collect anywhere from 1.2 to 4 times your original bet. A 3-point dog will pay around $140 for $100, versus just $100 for $110 wagered on the same team plus the 3 points. Look for the straight-up winner and don't put so much influence and emphasis on the spread.