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Ultra Manifestation

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-13)

Liquid was the thing, Ultra Manifestation Review to drink coffee, pop, anything but water! The fact is, many of those liquids create dehydration. Water is what the body needs. Good water, clean water, drinkable water, and lots of it. Breath is yet another ignorance we have socially. We pollute our air and atmosphere due to this ignorance. Breath is not a choice we make, pollution is. And when we have depleted the benefits in the air, we seem perplexed and puzzled. Then we do not connect our weak immune systems as having anything to do with air. We need more understanding and knowledge on how to breathe correctly. Research shows children stop breathing correctly for health between five months to four years of age. Our population stopped breathing for health and body needs by four years old! Think about this. All physical and mental development depends on correct breathing. Our most powerful time of development is from conception to nine years old. Biology books may not have caught up with the outcome of research of the cells, but our brain has been programmed by our environment, not our genes, and that determines how we will live the rest of our lives. The fact that brain neurons change after nine years old is not likely in our present system of education and lifestyle that is ruled mostly by media and social level standardization. So the majority of the world at large is still in the mindset they were in at age nine! Breathing like a newborn is abdominal breathing, and allowing the entire respiratory system to work, even the lower lobes of the lungs. Shallow breathing comes from fear and early childhood anxiety. Early physical activity where deep breathing is accomplished is good. Yet most children today are held to sedentary lifestyles. Few chores or responsibility for family needs and living conditions are shared with them. Early understanding was achieved by earlier and healthier generations through family bonding and being involved activity.