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by Regina Fancy (2020-02-14)

Diabetic socks are made with comfort and StrictionBP Review protection in mind. Design is secondary. Though manufacturers do make colored diabetic socks, white socks (not related to any baseball team) are highly recommended by podiatrists and foot doctors. It is easier to detect draining that can cause discoloration with lighter-colored socks.Your socks should fit snugly, but comfortably. The material should not produce any uncomfortable sensations. For more serious cases of foot deformities, patients are advised to wear wider-sized socks.Good-fitting shoes - Many online as well as local vendors sell specially fitted shoes for diabetics. A good pair of shoes for a diabetic has a high and wide toebox and removable insoles that can accommodate orthotics. A proper shoe puts less pressure in areas that commonly cause foot problems such as calluses, blisters and wounds. Again, design and style are secondary. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and give good support to your feet.For many people, taking supplements or drinking a healthy fruit juice (and I mean HEALTHY, not an artificially sweetened tooth rot) is an expensive luxury that they can not, or WILL NOT entertain.Many times I have been told by my friends that "If I am ill, I have got the 'Health Service' to look after me, so why should I pay for my 'wellness?"'And do you know what, if I didn't know what I know now, I would probably have agreed with them.