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by Alisa Princy (2020-02-14)

One way to make a StrictionD Review drastic difference is with protein. The best type of protein contains a specific type of amino acids called branch chain aminos. These help insulin to be better utilized in your muscles, allowing you to retain your muscle mass as you lose weight. At the same time, your muscles also utilize glucose more efficiently. Protein is also instrumental in maintaining proper leptin levels. Leptin is one of several hormones your body makes that tell you to stop eating. It's like a stop sign because when leptin is released, you feel full. It tells you pancreas to stop making insulin and start burning fat. Another way to dramatically reverse the effects of diabetes is by adding fiber to your eating plan. Fiber is a vital component in fixing issues with your blood sugar. The best type of fiber to consume is soluble fiber because it helps reduce how quickly sugar makes its way into your bloodstream after you eat and delays gastric emptying time. It helps control blood sugar spikes. Fiber also keeps your LDL, or "bad" cholesterol down, and HDL, or "good" cholesterol, up. Unhealthy triglycerides are also kept at bay with fiber. Fiber also makes you feel fuller, discouraging the urge to overeat and it also curbs your appetite. By ensuring you get the appropriate amount of protein and fiber in your diet, it will help you to: feel better, have more energy to exercise, and ultimately, lose weight. The only way to accomplish this is to consume a balanced diet. Once you start implementing this type of eating regimen, your blood sugar reading and Type 2 diabetes will begin to lower in severity and, over time, has the ability to disappear although you will always need to continue eating healthy food and avoid producing abdominal fat. Of course, if the person diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes ever goes back to their original unhealthy way of eating, it is certain their blood sugar will rise and their excess weight return.