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by Mathew John (2020-02-14)

It prevents blood sugar levels from StrictionD Review rising too high and sticking to cells and has an excellent safety record. However, eating a bagel will produce such a high rise in blood sugar that Glucophage will not be effective, so Glucophage must be used in addition to avoiding foods that cause a high rise in blood sugar. If HBA1C cannot be controlled with diet and Glucophage, your doctor will usually add Avandia 4mg or Actos 30mg. They are essentially the same and can cause liver damage, so liver tests must be done monthly, at least for the first few months.Children with diabetes often lash out because they feel they have no control over their lives. Everything they do is governed by their diabetes: medications, meal times, shots, blood checks, and endless visits to the doctors. A lot of a young diabetic's freedom is taken away by the disease.It is hard for a child with diabetes to understand why they can't have a piece of candy when the other kids can, or why they have to be checked for sugar levels so often. Imagine how frustrated you'd be if you could not do something just because your blood sugar was too low or high. All those test and shots, it's not fair.