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by Regina Fancy (2020-02-14)

Wrong Diet. Diet is one of the major factors StrictionBP Review responsible in the causes of diabetes. The consumption of excess fats, sugar, carbohydrates and proteins are harmful to your body. What's more, your body needs a well-balanced diet to produce energy which is essential for performing vital functions. Excess food, hampers the pancreas from doing the function of insulin secretion, thus causing high sugar levels in the blood which eventually lead to diabetes. This is why parents should take extreme care of their children's dietary habits, and should stop them from overeating foods, especially chocolates, candies, jams, toffees, cakes, ice-creams, etc. On the contrary, children must be kept on a substantial, healthy diet which is essential for their proper growth. They should be taught the value of exercise and the bad effects of obesity. Unchecked Obesity. Another major factor in the causes of diabetes is obesity. Too much body weight in an individual, when compared to his/her height, makes one more susceptible to this disease. This is very common in people around the age of 40 to 45 years. Due to the excess body fat, the insulin - which lets the sugar in the blood enter the muscle and tissue cells - doesn't function properly in the body. This increased body fat leads to the presence of high sugar levels in the blood thus resulting in one of the causes of diabetes. So, in the case of obese people, the best option for them is to lose weight in order to improve the blood sugar level and keep healthy.