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by Regina Fancy (2020-02-14)

The treatment of diabetes has improved StrictionBP Review tremendously over the years. Today's modern science has found ways to prevent the complications of amputations and blindness. When diagnosed early, and treated, diabetics can live normal healthy lives.That being the ultimate goal, here are some answers about what happens in our bodies when we have to have a limb amputated. One cause of diabetic complication is PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease). What happens is the blood that flows to your limbs is reduced because of narrowed arteries. This happens when as a diabetic you do not properly digest sugar, the sugar not properly digested builds up a plaque like substance in your arteries over time. Because of these narrowed arteries, now the limbs are not receiving enough blood flow to keep up with the demand. This lack of proper blood flow now creates numbness and pain in your legs and feet. Over time you may lose a limb. As a diabetic you are much more at risk to develop PAD, the older you are, the more a risk you are.Another complication of diabetes is retinopathy. The blood vessels in your retina (the thin membrane that covers the back of your eye) may be hemorrhaging and cause deposits in the retina. Because of the deposits, the retina does not receive enough oxygen. This is the non proliferative retinopathy (1st stage).The second stage is Proliferative. This can cause severe problems and can eventually lead to blindness.