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by Regina Fancy (2020-02-15)

What causes the enzyme level to reduce? StrictionBP Review There are several reasons. In the case of diabetes, the decrease in insulin is contributes by obesity, genetic conditions and sedentary lifestyle to name a few. So if diabetes is to be really eliminated, the enzyme level has to be increased. This is the basis of enzyme therapy. Even as we speak about this there are numerous enzyme supplements being sold in the market. The real challenge is to identify the legitimate supplement and try the level best to go for natural supplements to increase level of metabolic enzymes. Our body produces enzymes from the amino acid intake. Enzymes are essentially protein-based materials, which explain this fact. But if the food does not contain enough amino acid and the protein content is very low or destroyed by overcooking, then the body loses its source of amino acids for producing the enzymes. This will eventually go on for a while and lead to pancreatic disorder. Since pancreas produce insulin, it will to diabetes. In the worst case it may lead to cessation of insulin production resulting in type-1 diabetes.This can be avoided by proper intake of balanced diet rich in nutrients and most importantly, nutrients that are not destroyed while cooking. Vitamins and minerals are most vulnerable to the process of overcooking. Overcooking destroys most nutrients, especially amino acids and renders the food useless for the real intent.