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by Jerome Princy (2020-02-16)

I recall that i have StrictionD Review suffered from an extreme case of low blood sugar. It happened whilst watching television and even though in most cases you can feel the effects of a hypo but the degree it can hit you means you may need someone else to help get some sugar into your body. This one time I was on my own and my parents where out for the night. I didn't feel the onset of the hypo at all and then all of a sudden wham and i hardly remember what happened. When they arrived home they found me semi-conscious on the floor and gave me some lucozade. Lucozade is one of the best things to give yourself when you have a hypo because liquids take less time for your body to absorb into the bloodstream and push your sugar levels up again. My dad had to feed the lucozade to me like you do when feeding a baby, hold and tilt the head back and let your throat glands do the job whilst your in a hypo state. The ambulance was called and by the time the rapid response arrived the lucozade had done its job and I was sat up and talking. The paramedics checked me over and made sure I was fine they checked my blood sugar and my blood pressure. Some people are lucky and they never have any severe episodes of hypo but they do happen no matter how good your sugar control has been. Now I am the grand age of 30 I have 20 years of living side by side with my friend (Diabetes) and to be honest it's had its ups and downs with blood sugars and I am still going strong. Every day is still the usual balancing act and after a long period of time it becomes an ordinary part of life. Diabetes is an illness not a disease as some people call it. I have always thought to myself that just because you have it for life, it does not mean that its the end of the world it could just be the start.