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by Mathew John (2020-02-16)

We all enjoy food that's bad for us. Why? LumaSlim Review Because it fills us up and satisfies us in ways where some "healthy" foods just can't. But if you know which foods that you should stay away from and know that are very bad for you, you may be more likely to avoid them and end up eating something a bit better for you.The end game is to lose weight, but you can't get there if all that you eat is foods saturated in fats and calories. Here is a list of the top foods that you should try and stay as far away from as possible when you try to lose weight, and some healthy alternatives to them.Chips are loaded in calories and fat. They are also in most cases salted, so this makes it even worse for you. Chips are what people grab when they just want to sit down and munch on something, but there is a better alternative. While popcorn and rice cakes are not necessarily healthy for you, it takes 3 1/4 cups of popcorn to make 100 calories, while only a handful of chips could cost you 150 calories.Eating red meats is never a good idea when trying to lose weight. They are usually full of saturated fats, can raise your cholesterol level, and even bring you to a closer risk of heart attack or cancer. A good replacement would be skinless chickens and turkey. These meats contain omega 3 fats, which are actually healthy and help your body. They also tend to have less calories then red meats as well. Fish is also a healthy choice as it contains many helpful products for your body.