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by Alisa Princy (2020-02-19)

Always wear shoes or StrictionD Review some kind of footwear when you go outside. It's easy to get cuts, scratches or bites without even noticing them, and if you don't check your feet daily, it could take a long time before a problem is noticed. Your shoes should not be tight or they will rub and cause damage to your feet. You also need the right socks. You can buy special diabetic socks that will stay up without the need for traditional elastic that can cut off the circulation. If your sock leaves a ring around your leg, it means it's too tight. If you have problems with fluid in your feet and legs, you can use compression socks to force the fluid back upwards. It's essential you go to a shop specializing in this type of hosiery as you need to be measured and fitted with the right size for your legs and feet. If not, further issues may arise. You should ensure your feet are kept moist. Use moisturizer if necessary but don't rub it between your toes, and rub off any excess moisturizer. Be careful you don't slip over if your feet are moist. Many people prefer to put the moisturizer on at night before bed. Regular exercise will help keep your feet and legs fit. They need to stay strong to support the rest of your body. Being overweight also adds additional stress to your legs and feet and can lead to further medical issues. It's essential to see a podiatrist regularly. He can ensure your nails are cut correctly and also treat any other problems. If you're obese, it may not be possible for you to even see your feet, let alone look after them. If you stub your toes on anything, immediately check your foot to make sure you haven't caused any real damage. You can easily break a nail or two, cause bleeding, bruising and cuts and scratches. Seek treatment if necessary and monitor the toes affected to ensure they don't get worse. If you think caring for your feet is a chore, imagine life without one and you'll quickly wise up. Type 2 diabetes is not a condition you must just live with. You can take control of the disease and take back your health. Lowering your blood sugar will help to prevent many problems with your feet.