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VitaMove Back Pain Relief

by Alisa Princy (2020-02-19)

During the study, electrodes VitaMove Back Pain Relief Review are placed on the surface of the skin at various locations and during the exam the doctor administers mild electrical currents through stimulating electrodes which then travel along the nerve and are captured by recording electrodes at a target point. The information is then graphed by the NCS machine to provide a precise measurement of both the travel speed and strength of that particular nerve's response to direct stimulation. The doctor then interprets this data to establish whether or not there is abnormality and nerve dysfunction. However, the Big Six seem to be constantly present. 3 What Medical test can I do to determine if I have Fibromyalgia? Unfortunately at this time, there is not a test, either blood, urine or an imaging test (X-ray, MRI etc) that can test for fibro. It is very important to remember that just because a test does not exist, in no way means that fibro does not exist. the test has not been found yet. 4 Why do doctor push on tender points in the body as a way of determining Fibromyalgia? When doctors find these so called tender points, they are really finding pockets of lactic acid (Trigger Points), which are common with fibro. The problem is that these points are also common win the general public, some with muscle illnesses and others who are totally healthy. Recent studies have shown the 12 to 18 point tenderness test as pretty useless as a diagnostic aid. In fact scientists who did the studies, loudly claimed that this tenderness test should be abandoned. I agree with this, again as trigger points are very common and can also be the result of over exercise, falls and traumas and other things. It should not be used as an indicator for fibro and can lead to too many false diagnoses. 5 If I suspect that I have Fibromyalgia, what type of doctor should I see? One of the problems with Fibromyalgia is that there is so much false and misleading information out there, not only among the public but among doctors as well. Since so man doctors understand so little about this illness, it really does make it difficult to find a practitioner who can help you. Normally, you would think that a Rheumatologist would be the right choice, but unfortunately, this is not always the case.