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Vision 20/20 Protocol

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-20)

You should have a ten-minute Vision 20/20 Protocol Review rest every hour. You can have a rest through many kinds of ways. You can close your eyes and make them relax for a short time; you can also give a massage to the muscles around your eyes; you can look the scenery far away in the distance. When you are having a rest, you should relax you muscles around your neck and shoulder because the disorder and rigidity of them can influence your eyesight. You can use some artificial tear to moisturize your eyes or blink your eyes often. You should take in food that contains a large amount of vitamin A such as carrots. You should turn to the doctors for help when you feel uncomfortable with your eyes, especially when your eyes are dry and sore. Once your eyes are dry and sore, you should pay more attention to the protection of eyes. The dryness of eyes can cause the shedding of cornea cells, which may damage your eyes. If you do not go to doctors, your eyesight may suffer from great damage. But you do not need to feel too anxious when your eyes are dry because human body has a function of self-recovery. You can still have a chance to curing your eyes only if you symptom is not so serious. LASIK surgery is quite useful for people who are not happy with wearing glasses. They are perturbed because of their looks, which were affected by glasses. Apart from that if they had opted to wearing contact lens, then it was tough to maintain them. But LASIK can cure them of this disorder. After the surgery ends, the patient gains perfect vision in both eyes, which alleviates the need for him to wear, glasses any more. It removes the refractive error, which has produced the vision disorder. It is also an expedient procedure, which does not involve much time for the patient but just five to ten minutes. There are no chances that this operation can produce any errors as a computer is regulating the entire process. The results are as per those decided by the computer program.