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by Regina Fancy (2020-02-21)

For many haters, entrapment is the hidden tool Individualogist Review of choice that is used to afflict and come against a person of obvious integrity. Their envy, imagination and perceptions of others, get the better of them. Integritous people usually outshine haters, and in turn, cause haters to do and say things designed to hurt people of integrity... and their influence!For me, I can usually process instances of people hating my life view by going to my own authoritative source and final authority, which I find in the written Word of God. (Bible). This tried and true reference always gives me clarity and direction as to how to handle every situation... and I do mean... every situation... I succeeded over every one! journey in life has been most successful and happy!Here's my own personal reference that I found for all the "haters":The "disreputable" watches the reputable and seeks to eradicate, to diminish and downgrade their influence, the LORD will not leave him in his hand.My favorite empowerment text is found in the book of Daniel chapter 6. This text displays a superb example of haters attempting to entrap an individual named Daniel. Daniel's enemies knew that he prayed 3 times a day (as is his spiritual commitment) so they coerced the King to put a law on the books decreeing that whosoever would pray to any other "god" beside himself (the King), would be dropped in a den of hungry lions! The king agreed. Talk about an "inflated sense of one's own importance!"