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by Regina Fancy (2020-02-21)

So, let's follow this one through, turn Individualogist Review on the tap. Do it slowly and with your full attention. Feel the shape of the tap in your hand. Put your fingers in the flow of water coming out of the tap - and notice the feel of the water running over your fingers. Notice the feel of the temperature of the water. Adjust the temperature of the water so that it feels about right. Pick up the plug to your sink or kitchen wash basin and place into the sink outflow (or move your washing up bowl into the sink). Pay attention to precisely what you are doing! Pick up the washing up cleaning liquid bottle and - paying full attention to what you are doing - squirt some of the cleaning liquid into your washing up water. Select a dirty plate or dish and place it in the water.... You get the idea?! Complete the whole process of "washing the dishes" in a slow deliberate manner with your full attention on each and every little task and action. The "secret" to getting the hang of mindful washing up is to treat each smallest step as though quite literally your life depended on it - so imagine you were a bomb disposal expert and you were deactivating a bomb, or imagine you were a mountaineer climbing the north face of the Eiger. The first time you do mindful washing up it will feel strange - but stick with it - it gets easier each time you do it. See how long it takes you to wash the dishes mindfully and compare that with how long it "normally" takes you to wash the dishes. You may find that slowing down and doing it mindfully takes about the same time as it always did (or just a little bit longer). Observe your mental state and your emotional state once you have completed mindful dish washing.