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Secret Death Touches

by Mathew John (2020-02-21)

Unlike stun guns, pepper spray is legal Secret Death Touches Review in all 50 states. However, Michigan and Wisconsin have restrictions on the types that can be carried. New York and Massachusetts also have restrictions on where they can be bought. Some cities also have additional regulations, so check with local authorities if you have any question about carrying a defense spray in your municipality.The main reason pepper spray is so effective is because it is an inflammatory agent. It causes the membranes to swell. The eyes involuntarily swell shut and temporary blindness is experienced. The throat constricts and breathing is difficult. In effect, all but life sustaining breath is eliminated. The body begins to spasm and there is normally an onset of coughing fits and a runny nose. The skin begins to feel as if it had been set on fire. Most often, panic sets in, intensifying the physical effects. The effects can last anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes, with diminished effects lasting several hours.