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Diabetes Freedom

by Regina Fancy (2020-02-21)

I am sure you have heard that diabetes is a Diabetes Freedom Review serious disease, that should be taken seriously. Unfortunately most people live a lifestyle, that is very much prone to developing diabetes. Nobody takes it seriously until it happens to them or if they start having long term diabetes complications. Every person should know what are the main long term diabetes complications, so what are they? Long term diabetes complicationsDiabetic ketoacidosis or DKAThis is a serious and very dangerous complication, that can happen when the insulin level drops to very low levels and the body starts burning body fat for energy. This is not a serious problems, if it is short term, but if it lasts for long periods, then the ketone bodies can actually decrease the blood`s pH level. When this happens, then it is referred as DKA. This can cause several serious long term diabetes complications, such as dehydration, extreme panting, abdominal pain. Eventually DKA can slow a person down, which can result in lethargy, this in turn can develop into a coma and even death. A simple urine analysis can determine the level of ketone bodies on the body.Hyperglycemia hyperosmolar state or HNSThis condition again is very dangerous long term diabetes complication. It can occur when the blood glucose level is very high, which causes water to drain from your cells. The excess glucose is flushed away with urine and therefore the body can become extremely dehydrated. If the body keeps dehydrating then emergency treatments is required, otherwise the body will eventually shut down.