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by Alisa Princy (2020-02-21)

For more information StrictionBP Review on how to effectively manage diabetes Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level will also assist in the onset of retina damage and other eye conditions. It will also reduce other diabetes related health problems. Controlling your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in general will also benefit. Testing and diagnosis Diabetic eye problems are not noticeable straight away in the early stages, so it is quite important to have your eyes tested regularly. If you think you might have the condition then you can also pay a visit to your doctor or specialist medical practitioner. If you already have been diagnosed with diabetic eye problems, the more frequent optometrist appointments may be required. Your doctor or optometrist may perform one of several procedures to check for problems including a visual acuity test using a standard eye chart, a dilated eye exam to check the condition of your retinas at the back of the eye or tonometers instruments to check the pressure in the eyeball itself. If you are diagnosed with a diabetic eye problem there are plenty of proven and simple treatments available. If the condition is detected in an early stage then the treatments will be of great benefit in maintaining healthy vision. For the initial stages of diabetic retinopathy no treatment is needed at all. Blood sugar level control is all that is needed in this instance. If the condition is a little more advanced, then some routine laser surgery may be required. A few visits for treatment will stop the effects and the treatment is very safe. For the small number of patients who have not sought treatment early enough and have lost vision there are opportunities to retain the vision they still have. For many Type 2 diabetics, medication is a necessity for helping to control their blood sugar level and other aspects of their diabetes. But as with any medication being introduced into the body, many people often experience side effects. Knowing the possible side effects of the various diabetes drugs is something that can help you be prepared.