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Gaia’s Protocol

by Mathew John (2020-02-25)

Why not use waterproof concealer? For Gaia’s Protocol Review many waterproof concealer is a must have for each and every day. For others it is something which is only applied on a need to basis. Many people grow up learning a makeup technique and even though there are more up to date techniques and products available they don't like to change their habits. Old habits die hard as they say. For those that are willing to learn new things, hopefully I can provide some information that will be helpful to you.Consider all the problems people suffer from on their bodies and faces, the blemishes, spots, scars, dark circles under the eyes etc and you will soon realize why concealer is of huge importance to most people. We are all self conscious in some way and it is perfectly normal to want to cover up our imperfections when we are out in public. The problem is that for regular concealers they fail to stand up to things like water and sweat which can cause havoc with our makeup. The best option you have is waterproof concealer which is designed to stand strong against water and won't just wash off or fade during the day. The most popular water resistant concealers among consumers come from brand names such as: Lancôme, Benefit and Maybelline. There are also others and it is recommended you check all that is on offer to find the concealer which is suitable for you.