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Gaia’s Protocol

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-25)

Remember that your staff Gaia’s Protocol Review will need to look professional, and you might have a uniform in mind, so that your clients get the right impression of your salon. Why not see what style of salon wear will be right for your hairdressers, salon, and clients. Whilst you might have a budget to work to, you won't want to buy products that aren't up to the job. It makes far more sense to get the right salon quality hair products and beauty products for your salon, rather than count every penny and try and scrimp and save. If you buy inferior items, or your salon doesn't give the right impression to your clients, then your business could suffer. Why not get it right first time? Now you know what hair products are important, you can equip your salon properly, and know that you have everything you need. Many women are interested in the latest fashion and beauty trends, but what looks good on the run-way model may not come together for the average woman who lives a busy life. Furthermore, quite often the current trends are geared toward youth without consideration to the growing population of older women. Let's face it ~ the smokey eye look just might not be the most attractive option for aging eyes ~ let alone the workplace. Older women want to continue to look their best, however. So there are a few things to keep in mind. Consider the changing nature of your face. What looked good a few years ago may not be highlighting your best features today. As crow's feet and fine lines develop around our eyes, we must reconsider the way we use eye-liner, for instance. As to not draw attention to those well-earned laugh lines, older women should not draw attention to the bottom part of the eye. Whereas we could once enclose the eye with eyeliner, it is best to focus only on the top portion of the eye as we age. Do not use eyeliner on the lower lid.