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Meridian Health Protocol

by Regina Fancy (2020-02-25)

Altogether these send vibrations into our Auric Meridian Health Protocol Review Energy fields effecting even those around us or who may be connected with the action, thought, word, or belief. The law of attraction...what we put out there is what we attract more of, our Energy fields display, in a variety of ways our daily attitudes and wellbeing. Choosing thoughts and actions is important just like shopping for a wardrobe, you may have to wear it a while.Importance of raising immunity. Our actions effect our energy system, eventually penetrating biological tissue. Stress depletes the adrenals and cortisol levels, B vitamins and amino acids. Amino acids help maintain homeostasis in the body, organ functionality, as well as present degenerative issues, such as arthritis. If our thoughts (attitudes), actions, & beliefs bombard our Auric Energy Fields negatively, awareness, good choices, & building immunity as important as well. Tapping the divot in the nape of the neck while holding the tongue to roof of the mouth, slight gap between the top and bottom teeth for air, will activate immune response. Resisting white sugar, regular bowel movements, consuming detoxifying foods daily, drinking water to flush odored urine, and fasting periodically encourage good immune function. Checking your body through Biofeedback can reduce stress, restore nutritional deficiencies through analysis education & energy therapy, and benefit by helping our bodies smooth out the effects of stress. Maintaining good bowel flora will lessen chances of absorption issues in conjunction with the other previous mentioned suggestions.