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Nucentix GS-85

by Mathew John (2020-02-28)

When this enzyme is inhibited, there is less Nucentix GS-85 Review sugar converted to glucose which consequently means less will remain in the bloodstream. In a recent study involving 75 non-diabetic individuals, whereby some were given blueberry extract while others were provided with a placebo control before eating a meal. The control group had average blood glucose levels of 142 mg/dL whilst the blueberry leaf group came in at only 121 mg/dL. A further research study involving people with Type 2 diabetes concluded that taking blueberry leaf extract three times a day for two months could reduce their blood glucose levels by an average of 33 mg/dL.Whilst there haven't been a lot of clinical trial involving goji berry juice, there are literally thousand of personal testimonials on the internet about people with diabetes who have managed to reduce or cut out their medications altogether after drinking goji juice regularly for a week or more.