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Ultra Manifestation

by Alisa Princy (2020-02-28)

It is all too easy Ultra Manifestation Review to try and explain away the unexplainable from the comfort of ones armchair or writing desk. We can philosophize and make mega bucks offering answers and perspectives that the gullible will accept because they do not wish to put in the amount of work and search that these unpalatable subjects demands. Try explaining all this to someone who has been brutally tortured or had all their family annihilated in an air strike. So are humans being used, misused and abused by an alien consciousness that wishes to keep humanity enslaved so that they can continue their secret agenda? This is the perspective that David Icke begins with. Is all the cause of insanity down to the fact of our ego and not living in the present moment? This is the perspective Eckhart Tolle begins with. Neither of these sources, which I may add I have spent years studying, sits completely comfortable with me. Religions speak of good and evil. New Agers speak of oneness and no good and no evil, all is one and everyone agrees on a higher level to all experiences. Again I say, tell that to someone who has emerged from years of torture and or who has lost his whole family through an air strike. And this is the work of the Divine Soul we are told by much new age spirituality. There is only so much that the human psyche can take, severe brutality and genocide cannot be addressed by the masses. First and foremost the current accepted paradigm that hardly anyone questions is that we are educated solely and purely so that we can earn a living and become a fully paid up member of society. Paying our taxes, buying our houses, having children, keeping our gardens neat, running our cars and generally aspiring to a life of relative comfort whilst keeping safe from perceived dangers and that which we cannot handle. I met a travel writer here recently who had just completed a 3 month voluntary stint in Cambodia teaching English. We spent some time together discussing the brutal history of the country. During our time together she said "One day I decided that it was pointless to earn money just to spend, it all seemed so meaningless and so my life began to change."