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by Jerome Princy (2020-02-29)

There's more to this StrictionD Review diet than just reversing diabetes. There are the benefits of having mental clarity, extra energy to keep you going, lowered cholesterol, and peace of mind that your diet is no longer contributing to heart attack or stroke. The following list of foods for diabetic to eat is drawn up with the nutritional needs of diabetics in mind. Careful attention must be paid to supplying the deficiencies in the body to promote healing and restoration of the pancreatic, liver, kidney, and digestive functions. The foods you should eat most of are listed from the top of the list in their order of importance in your diet. This list is not all there is to eat, but it will serve to help make your life easier when trying to plan healthier meals. Balance and variety are both very important in the diabetic diet, as is the wholeness and the purity of the foods you eat. What you eat determines largely your immune system strength, and this will determine your success in regaining health and energy - the energy to reverse diabetes for good! Diabetic complications come when high blood glucose wreaks havoc with the body's ability to keep a consistent environment internally. This is called homeostasis and every living cell needs it to live. High blood sugar levels make it very hard for a diabetic's cells to maintain homeostasis and this causes complications. The long - term complications usually happen very slowly and that is why most people are unaware of what is going on in their own body. Heart disease and strokes are 2 to 3 times more prevalent in diabetics. 55% of all deaths in diabetic patients is caused by cardiovascular disease. Eye disease involving the light - sensitive cells in the back half of the eye is called retinopathy. This is the hemorrhages and scarring that causes blindness.