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Clear Nails Plus

by Regina Fancy (2020-02-29)

Objects on the ground or in carpet puncturing bare Clear Nails Plus Review skin or feet in socks can go unfelt, which can eventually lead to tissue damage and infection if immediate attention is not given to the injured area. At times, small objects like needles or splinters can lodge themselves deep in the numb foot, and can remain there slowly brewing an infection unnoticed. For this and other reasons, the feet must be inspected regularly to ensure that there are no skin wounds, infection, or inflammation that may otherwise go unfelt. A simple thirty second self exam at night is sufficient, and a partner or hand mirror on the ground can be used if one cannot bend the foot up to evaluate it themselves. All foot or ankle sprains and strains need to be evaluated by a podiatrist soon after the injury to ensure the injury is not worse than assumed, as neuropathy can limit the pain of serious sprains and even fractures. It is not uncommon for a person with peripheral neuropathy to suffer a severe ankle sprain or foot fracture and not properly feel it at the time of injury. Bathing or soaking needs to be performed with some caution, as the temperature of the water can be incorrectly judged by a foot (or even a hand) with poor sensation. In order to be absolutely certain of the correct water temperature and to avoid scalding, the forearm should be used to test the water before the foot is placed in it. In cold weather, the feet must be well covered by warm socks and appropriate shoes, and should be kept dry. Frostbite can set in without being felt, leading to skin and tissue death that may require amputation. Finally, the skin also needs to be hydrated regularly with moisturizers due to the drier skin, and regular soaking should be avoided due to the drying effect soaking has on skin as it leaches essential oils from the skin surface.