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by Alisa Princy (2020-03-01)

So if you think you Lumaslim Review are fat but healthy, I am happy for you that you feel healthy but not happy for you that you are fat. Drop that mindset and do something about the weight because these things have a way of slowly sneaking up their ugly effect on people with time. Some people who are over weight may try to eat the right foods and then exercise but as soon as they loose some few pounds they will just quit their efforts because they think that they have reached the ultimate level of losing weight and that to them they have no more weight to lose. The only thing that cannot lose weight is the bones themselves but as long as one has some flesh to their skin, they can always lose some few ounces or pounds beyond the weight they think they cannot lose weight from. So when it comes to losing weight, there are no plateaus. (we're rounding the decimals to the nearest hundredth) Divide 150 by 4489 (67 X 67)... Result:.03 Now mulitply.03 X 703 = 21.09 In this case, your BMI would be 21.09 Although this chart is available with slight adjustments up or down, this will serve our purpose: BMI less than 20 indicates underweight BMI between 20 and 25 indicates ideal BMI between 25 and 30 indicates overweight BMI over 30 indicates obesity Now that you've been introduced to this guideline, bear in mind that it is just that - a guideline. Frame sizes vary and there are other factors, too, but the BMI does give you an idea as to where your weight stands in terms of being in proportion to your height. Therefore, determining your BMI will at least provide you with something tangible that will put your personal situation in some perspective for you.