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Water Freedom System

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-02)

Each one of us has Water Freedom System Review a different "Map of The Territory", or wiring of our brains, based on past experiences and resulting beliefs. And each of us makes judgments of what is an what is not, based on the "Map of The Territory", not on the territory itself. I perceive the cypress based on the map of the cypress, or the internal wiring in my brain regarding the cypress, nothing else. All I know and have with me is the map. It could be quite a complex and complete map. Yet the map is always full of holes and gaps. So we now know that all we know is the map. How does that help us be a better communicator? As we go about our daily lives, we go through a process of comparing our new experiences with our map of the territory. As we are communicating with the other person, the other person is also processing and comparing the new information with the map of their own. And since their map has gaps and holes in different places than ours, a conflict arises. Be aware of the fact that "The Map is Not The Territory" at all times. If you feel the conflict of understanding is arising in a communication, immediately put yourself in other person's shoes. Try to adopt their map. Or at least acknowledge that there must be their map which is different from yours. Understand that their map is just as true as yours, yet just as full of gaps and holes as yours. They are just in different places than your map's gaps and holes. And that is the reason for disagreement. We are well into the new year and maybe you are still struggling with losing weight or with your weight loss new year's resolution. If so follow these steps I used to lose 11.5 pounds in just 7 days, safely, without exercise or without starving myself. Well there is hope! I had to lose weight in a hurry as I had to speak in front of some health and fitness expert and I still had those extra pounds I had acquired over the long holiday season. Even though exercise is important and I always talk about it I did not have time to try and burn this fat off, and I certainly did not want to starve myself, I live to eat.