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Concerned Patriot

by Regina Fancy (2020-03-02)

It is likely you will be nervous in your Concerned Patriot Review first Grappling lesson. It is also not unusual to remain nervous into your second or third lessons. Just calm down and breathe. Relax. If you can calm yourself and control your nerves, you will find you can concentrate better, understand fully and subsequently start to enjoy the ride.You will not become a master overnight. As with anything else in life, perfection takes time. You will find yourself struggling at times, perhaps consistently for a period. At times like this you must again center yourself and remain calm. Do not panic or tense up. It achieves nothing and will only have a negative impact.Now, a statement from the University of the Screamingly Obvious; Breathe! The number of new Submission Wrestling students forgetting to breathe when they find themselves performing a maneuver for the first time, or losing a fight, is high. Breathing is important, focus on this and everything else will fall come to you more readily.There will be times when you may not understand instructions being given by your tutor. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can get to grips with them as you work through the routine with your opponent. It will not work and could be dangerous. If you haven't understood something, just ask for clarification. Ask, ask and ask again. As with a lot of studies, repetition is key.