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Blood Balance Formula

by Mathew John (2020-03-04)

The body cells become unable Blood Balance Formula Review to use blood glucose for energy production. As a result the body cells gets energy starved. These starved cells give the feeling of being totally tired or exhausted.Tingling and Numbness in Extremities: This diabetic symptom appears because of diabetic symptom. The increased level of sugar in blood over a long period of time starts to damage the nervous system of the body. It is a very slow process. Sometimes the damage to the nerves starts even before the diagnosis of the problem.Slow Healing Cuts and Bruises: Nerve damage not only results in tingling but at the same time it slows down the healing of wounds particularly on extremities. Sometimes the diabetic remain unaware of wound because of numbness. The basic reason behind slow healing cuts is improper circulation of blood. Decreased amount of flow of blood does not permit oxygen to reach the sore and white blood cells are not competent enough to fight against bacteria.