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No BS Manifesting Course

by Regina Fancy (2020-03-05)

In 1995, a new concept in success and No BS Manifesting Course Review happiness was introduced in a book by Daniel Goleman called "Emotional Intelligence." In what was labeled "a groundbreaking concept," Goleman coined the term "emotional intelligence" and defined it as the ability to develop and sustain loving relationships with others, be highly self-aware yet have empathy for people and situations outside of themselves, and have a strong sense of altruism--giving back.Based on brain and behavioral research, people with high EQ were shown to be those who truly succeeded in their work and personal lives, establishing flourishing careers and lasting, meaningful relationships.As humans, we are highly emotional beings. We tend to run more off of our emotions than our intellect. I see this all the time in my hypnotherapy and coaching clients. Logically, what they are doing doesn't make sense, yet they continue to do it anyway and don't know how to stop.What we are creating in our lives is the result of actions and our actions are based on our emotions. We tend to act more on things that are charged with emotion (E-Motion = Energy in Motion). Therefore, it makes sense that the ability to feel, identify, communicate, use, learn from, and manage our emotions will allow us to navigate life more easily and create more of what we want in our lives and less of what we don't.