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No BS Manifesting Course

by Regina Fancy (2020-03-05)

The conscious part of your mind is No BS Manifesting Course Review what I call "the logical thinker" and it processes information in millions of responses a day. It seeks to sort things out like the "guardian of the gate." What it guards against or lets pass is words, logo, images and vision. And where it allows or disallows these words to go is your subconscious or "heart." When you allow something to get past your logical thinker and get implanted on your heart, it will affect your actions. These images form "you." Examine the words that have been implanted in your subconscious since childhood.I am convinced that most people go through life blind to this concept. As a result they are manipulated by words, teaching, advertisements and every charlatan that comes down the pike. An awakening and realization is needed. Isolate or root out the negative word or words.Once you realize the impact words, images, and logo have had on you and are having, you must take action to change things. Identify the negative and positive words - the true and untrue words - the helpful and harmful words. Begin the process of uprooting. Guard the words or images that you allow to enter your conscious and subconscious.Now that you are "conscious" of words, logo and images begin to guard against harmful or worthless logo that approaches you. You do not have to accept every word directed at you as true. You do not even have to receive every word that you encounter. The Old Testament advised the people, "Guard you heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life."