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No-BS Manifesting Course

by Regina Fancy (2020-03-05)

Wellington is a city, but not a city No-BS Manifesting Course Review like Auckland. In Wellington, I could ride my mountain bike to one of seven bush tracks that existed up in the hills and I would do so every weekend. In Auckland, I was confined to the city. We chose the most ideal location in the suburbs half way between the Auckland zoo and the west coast Auckland beaches. However, that connection with the country was pretty much severed.In 2007 our second child was born, a daughter and again I negotiated 6 months off work. I made important improvements in my career, but I never felt passionately involved with my work. Very quickly, I encountered the old problems of work colleagues who I could not deal with and a skin condition developed on my face and neck that caused me to at the height of the problem have inflamed skin all over my face and neck and the area was growing down onto my chest.Main stream medicine did not work at all. My GP prescribed me a prednisone and although the drug immediately cleared my skin, I could not stop the dose of prednisone or as the skin rash was lying beneath the surface and within one or two days after I had lessened the dose, my skin would be more inflamed than ever.During this time, I had visited that property in Queensland and the skin rash had completely disappeared. I attributed this to the clean country air and bathing in rain water. I had also found an iron supplement and was taking that on my visit and so I thought that the reason that my skin was so healthy was that my skin rash was healed.