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by Jerome Princy (2020-03-05)

This urge to realize Subliminal360 Review my full potential began to captivate my attention more and more as I grew older. I remember certain recurring patterns in my life that reminded me of this initial spark of Calling. The older I became, the more I found myself studying any teachings that I could find to further develop my understanding of how one can fulfill their unique human potential. I quite naturally and joyfully devoured every book I could to uncover the hidden truths about the nature of human possibility. I read autobiographies and ancient religious and spiritual texts, attended numerous Satsangs, and listened to many different spiritual masters. One of my key discoveries was that just as the Authentic Self seems to be hidden behind the Conditioned ego-self, so too one's true Calling, the discovery of your life's work, is hidden beneath the "must's, have to's and should's" of daily life. We are literally taught to do what we have to, not what we really want to when growing up. I now know, from my over 30 years in working with clients, that to know your true Vocation points the way to realizing your greater potential and being all that you can be. In extensive research on self-actualizing individuals, it shows that they all these individuals were engaged in a life's work, expressing their passion and greatest talents and making a difference in the world. If you are born to this purpose, why does it seem so difficult to discover what you are really capable of? The conditioned self (or ego-mind) keeps us in confusion, doubts, fears and clueless-ness. Early cultural conditioning teaches us how to be in life. Self-realization and vocational awakening are rarely, if ever, spoken of and mostly forgotten in mainstream society.