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Raikov Effect

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-05)

Hence, no excuse can Raikov Effect Review ever justify a failed dream or goal, because most often the dream failed because of our own lack of desire and belief, our inability to overcome fears and doubts, our unwillingness to put away excuses and exert the necessary effort required, and our weakness in persisting despite the difficulties and set-backs that always appear along the journey. Personal responsibility for our individual goals and dreams is essential, and yet it is so commonly lacking. How often do we hear about people who are hesitant to take a risk because they feel they lack the necessary knowledge, time, or money? These unfortunate excuses actually reveal that such an individual is unwilling to obtain the knowledge that is so often easily obtainable, lacks the ability to prioritize and make time, and does not recognize that money is often not a prequalification to make money. Similarly, the majority of people not only become content with their social, economic, or intellectual position, but they actually believe that other individuals, conditions, and circumstances are what prohibit them from realizing their goals and dreams in life. How unfortunate is such a limiting mentality. Gone must be the days when we believe that our potential is defined by the color of our skin, the anatomy of our body, the status of our family, the size of our bank account, the location we come from, or the uncontrollable circumstances we were placed in. We literally have the potential to become and accomplish anything - it is up to us. And perhaps that reality reveals the most challenging element of what most often prohibits our personal progress and achievement - it is our inability to believe in ourselves and that anything is possible. Never forget that the vast majority of individuals who have ever accomplished anything great or achieved success in any way, they also had to start at the bottom. They too were regular 'Joe's' at one point who likewise experienced the same fears, doubts, challenges, and even failures that you have.