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by Mathew John (2020-03-05)

When we are trying to become more of something, Zen12 Review we must become less of something else! We need to hold the idea in our minds that we wish to keep, attach the strongest positive emotion that we can, and take action to make it come about. I am successful! I think of things in positive and definite ways. I successfully complete the actions I have decided upon. My successful actions add up, and increase to more successful thoughts, then actions, then life choices!Think about it, why Donald Trump is the best in real-estate? Why Bill Gates is number one in software? Why Michael Jordan is top in basketball and why nobody can beat Tiger Woods in golf? One simple answer, it is because the love it so much. If you have passion in the things that you do, you will do it with fun and with motivation.The secret to success is doing the things that you are passionate about. Tiger Woods is the best in golf because he loves it; the same goes for Michael Jordan. The moment you are doing the things that you love to, it is not working for you, it is enjoying. And when you are enjoying something, you will come up with all the drive you need that can keep you going all the way.