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Subliminal Guru

by Regina Fancy (2020-03-06)

People who create outstanding business results in their life think differently than the common business person. Napoleon Hill, the author of "Think and Grow Rich" explained that if you want to change, you must condition your subconscious mind by using autosuggestion. What is autosuggestion? It's verbalizing statements or words with great feeling until it is instilled in the subconscious.I believe we do the same thing in a negative way. Someone might say something wrong to us and we repeat it with feelings and emotions until we believe the statement or words are true for us.As a Peak Performance Coach, I challenge my clients to take a ten-day mental challenge to focus on building wealth. If you verbalize statements on a daily basis like "I am a money magnet," Money comes to me in an ocean of abundance," "I have so much money" or words like "I have everything I want," your income is likely to increase.Self-help guru and bestselling author Anthony Robbins wrote about earning $3,000 per month to $1 million dollars in nine months. How did he do it? I believe he changed his mindset. We can to create results for ourselves like this, we must model successful people.My challenge to all business owners is to take a mental challenge to change your thoughts. That is one of the only things we can change. If we change our thoughts, we can influence our outcome for the better.Why do some people seem to "get all the breaks?" Why do some people simply appear to have their life path smoother than the rest? The fact is, this so- called "lucky" people, capitalize on moving through life with a different attitude than most. They prepare for their "breaks," and develop habits that capitalize on good fortune. Adopting these habits can enhance your chance of success.