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by Mathew John (2020-03-06)

As we are three-dimensional being-mind, body, Zen12 Review and the spirit, contributing to our world in at least one of these areas, is the best we can do for ourselves. The fulfillment of this principle will inevitably give you the feeling of accomplishment, because it is one of your missions here on earth. You should ask yourself this important question: if you were to die today, what legacy would you leave behind? Are you taking more than you are giving into the world?Very regrettably, most people are taking as much as they can, without not only planning to leave anything to our successors, but also even trying to destroy what they came to see. This is the issue of the environment, where many in our generation are directly, or indirectly destroying our environment, with all types of pollutions, and global warming intensifying actions, without thinking of the future generations. Despite the out-cry from most of the members of the scientific community, many decision makers, who have the power to positively influence decisions that could contribute to leaving a better environment to our future generations, are turning a blind hear.