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Raikov Effect

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-06)

Decide right now that you Raikov Effect Review will continue to go for your goal until you reach it, "No Matter What." This means you don't expect it to be handed to you. You only reap the rewards after you have re-created yourself and habits commensurate to what is truly required for achievement and taken consistent action. Sometimes you will do this for years! This means that if you have a goal to be a millionaire, you must develop millionaire habits. Do not be fooled and waste many years learning this the hard way as I did! I am telling you this so you can take a shortcut! Recognize if you have a tendency toward entitlement. Be honest, but do not be hard on yourself. As I mentioned above, a high percentage of Americans are this way (over 90 %!). The best course of action is to notice your thoughts and how you talk (in your head and to others). When you hear negativity start to pay attention. You have a choice to shift it to an attitude of taking responsibility for your life. Recently I took advantage of the warming weather here in Toronto to clear the unbelievable ice and snow build-up that had plastered my walkways and driveway over the previous weeks. Here are some of the lessons I learned from the ice that can help you to clear your path to success. Sheer brute force sometimes won't break the ice. I had to look for the angles and observe the edges. Sometimes the ice could be unexpectedly lifted from beneath. Underlying Lesson - Sometimes when I do my internal work my ego slips into the driver's seat and makes everything an "all or nothing" proposition. "Figure out your issue and be done with it," says my ego. Yet what works with less effort is patience or looking for the small openings that can be made wider. Sometimes it's more effective to go for the unexpected angle that provides the leverage needed to break apart the big chunk rather than only going full out in one spot.