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Subliminal Guru

by Regina Fancy (2020-03-06)

I know I have abilities and I have made up Subliminal Guru Review my mind not to hide them under the "FoF" canopy any longer. I have decided to use my abilities to accomplish my dream.I know that I can and will be successful and when that happens others will take notice. Wow, what a difference! Did you notice that the same basic idea exists in each of the thoughts? The only difference is that the first set focuses only on the negatives, while the second set focuses on the positive. Make a plan to defeat the "FoF" factor.Obtain a journal and write down your thoughts, ideas and inspirations. This journal should be your constant companion because you never know where you'll come up with another great idea/inspiration. Leave plenty of space on this idea/inspiration page for growth.On another page of the journal, write down all the reasons why you should be pursuing your dream. Don't forget to include all the positive outcomes of your completed goals while pursuing your dream. Of course, the first positives on this pages should be all those negative thoughts turned into positives. This will be your positive reinforcement when you get discouraged (and we all do at one time or another). Don't spare the ink on this one... and leave some extra space to fill in at a later day. Read this page often.The next thing to do is write an outline of your plan to begin building your dream. Create a rough outline, to start, listing the steps required to build your dream. Once the rough draft is complete, go back and fill in all the necessary details to completing each step. Be as detailed as you can here.Re-read your finished outline and make any changes and adjustments. You may possibly be making adjustments even during the building process of your dream.