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Raikov Effect

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-06)

Set up a reward Raikov Effect Review system for you. For each of the mini goals that you have set attach rewards to them for achieving them within the timeframe that you have set. This will give you an additional incentive to reach your goals. By setting up additional pleasure for reaching your goal you will naturally want to achieve it even more. Change is a process but you probably have never thought about what that process is. Once you understand how that process works you can identify it in your own life and see where you are in the process. After you know where you are in the process it will help you know what is needed to be done to either finish the process or go on to the next step. Here is the process of change. You realize that you are unhappy with your current situation. The first step to change is to come to the realization that you are not happy with where you are. I'm sure you have had this happen many times to you before. Things may have been going a certain way in your life for a long time and then one day it just comes to you and you think, 'Man, I am so unhappy with this situation.' Thinking and deciding. Once you realize that you are unhappy with something you start thinking of all the things that you can do to change your current situation. The problem is that 98% of people stop right here in the process of change. Is there anything in your life that you have been saying you are going to change for years now but just never have? Thinking a deciding is great but it doesn't mean anything if the next step doesn't take place. Taking Relevant Action. Action is the only thing that will actually bring about change. After you have thought and decided what needs to be done to change it's very important that you take the relevant action that will bring about that change. The moment you start taking relevant action you will be on your way to change. Dreams of success are a great thing to have but after awhile they can become more discouraging then anything else. It's great to dream but it's even better when that dream becomes a reality. Are you ready to turn your dreams of success into a reality? Here are 3 keys to help you do that.