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Clear Nails Plus

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-08)

Check One - Visual Clear Nails Plus Review The first check to see if the shoe you are wearing is going to impact your spine and nervous system is a visual check. Is your foot at a contorted angle? Is your back swaying and arched mid-back? Is your buttock pushed out behind you instead of aligned with your back? Is your head forward with the full length of the back of your neck forming a pronounced reverse "c" shape? All of these visual signs are indicating that you are misaligned in the shoe. As a test, take off the shoes stand at ease and relook at the posture of your body. Check Two - Balance Can you balance on one foot while wearing the high heeled shoes? And with both feet on the ground are you able to lift your big toe upwards? If you are unable to do both of these tasks, your centre of balance is significantly out of its normal range and this could render you more likely to suffer an significant injury in a fall or moment of lost balance. Check Three - Pain Secondly, check for discomfort. Starting with your feet. Do they feel squashed or under pressure? Is the ball or underneath part of your foot sore? Do your ankles feel locked? Are your calf muscles tight or shins strained? Is your lower back feeling sore or do you feel the need to put your hands on your hips or lower back for stability? Are your shoulders tight? Do you have any dull or significant aches in your neck or head? Prevention Care If you are prone to over-pronate you need to pay attention when exercising to any foot pain and be sure to warm up and cool down appropriately before and after playing any sport. This can help to reduce the chances of developing foot problems. Sometimes we have great Diabetic socks just lurking around the house. They can be converted to a sock for Diabetics by applying these 3 tips: If they are tight, snip the top of the sock to release the spiral elastic (this can damage the sock over time). Choose a pair of white socks. If they have a seam on the inside, turn them inside out. Voila! An instant Diabetic sock. But that sometimes is not good enough. With added technology, sock manufacturers have implemented some great design to sock design creating diabetic socks that actually do something.